If you are a seasoned caravaner, no one can better appreciate the importance of the awning flooring than you, this is because it is you who best understands the need to save yourself from cold feet and the damp that rises from the ground below.

Damp causes a lot of condensation and spoils the indoor atmosphere of the awning. Australia Wide Annexes offers you good quality awning flooring that enable much better indoor comfort, adding to your joy of caravanning and the outdoors.

Australia Wide Annexes cares about your camping experience and leaves no stone unturned to make it better. It is yet another time, we ensure comfort for your feet with a highly effective and cosy floor construction having at least four or five different layers. It has a “Ground Cover”, extending at least 30 cm beyond the awning on all sides to protect you against mud and wet grass, and making it far easier to clean the awning as soon as you’re back.

Extremely easy to install, these floorings insulate and keep you safe from cold, damp and other adversities you might face with the your feet on the camping ground. The awning floorings at Australia Wide Annexes make your camp stay comfortable at reasonable prices.