Enjoy a Bug / Insect Free Caravan HolidayWhat is the single most annoying thing that you get to experience when camping or when travelling in your caravan? BUGS and INSECTS! These pesky creatures can make you made with their blood sucking frenzy. These monsters attack like there is no tomorrow and their bites can turn even the most pleasant outings into nightmares. Have you ever tried sleeping in the outdoor? No sooner do you lose yourself into the magnificence of the night sky, than these insects pour in to spoil your mood. With them around, you can expect a lot of buzzing, uncomfortable itching and long hours spent in giving these bugs a painful death (feels amazing to see these blood sucking maniacs put to rest).

It isn’t difficult to manage this insect problem. Most people are not aware that a simple thing like a mesh could actually help them to keep the insects out of their caravan awnings and give them a peaceful sleep without having to apply loads of insect repellent products. There are so many ways in which this problem may be addressed. Check out 3 easy ways to overcome the bug problem on your caravan trips.

Install Meshes in the Doors and Windows of Your Caravan Awning / Annexe

This is by far the best and easiest way to manage the bug issue during your trip. All you need to do is to install meshes in all the openings of your caravan awning or annexe such as doors and windows. The mesh helps to keep bugs and pesky mosquitoes out while allowing proper ventilation. The best part about this method is that you won’t have to bring along loads of pest repellents and you won’t have to deal with a sticky feeling that you often get after applying such repellents.

Use Electronic Pest Repellents

Why put up the effort of killing every insect out there when we can drive them away with the click of a button? Yes, this is possible. There are many electronic pest repellents that not only put off mosquitoes, but also other insects and bugs. This is a great way to deter them as the repellent uses a high frequency emitter that emits signals which are uncomfortable to these insects. So they stay away. These devices do not use much power and can easily be connected to a power outlet in your caravan or even your car. You could do a bit more research to find a device that works with a battery and requires occasional charging.

Bring Along Citronella / Lemongrass Based Bug Repellent Sprays

This has been the age old method for driving away insects and bugs, and this seems to work. But sometimes, insects get too used to this and will try and bite you nonetheless. If you are compelled to use such sprays and creams, then make sure that you get one which has citronella / lemongrass as this is safe to use (even for kids). But a good way to avoid all of this would be to park in a clean space and ensure that you clean up the place a bit as this would be rather uninviting for insects. Also try to follow the above mentioned suggestions and you should be able to enjoy a bug free holiday.

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