Fix an RV AwningI am sure that most caravan owners (who have installed roll-out awnings in their caravans) have faced this problem where the awning just does not retract properly. While most of you might be thinking that this is a problem concerning the entire structure of the caravan rollout awning, the issue might only be with the alignment and position of the arms. The problem could also be due to the stretching of the fabric itself or missing components. A thorough inspection would reveal the truth.

Now the issue with improper retraction of the awning (I am assuming this is one of those large awnings that sit on the exterior in a rolled up position) is that there may be more than one scenario that could have caused the problem. Read the correct way to erect a caravan awning, if not already.

Cause #1

One of the possible causes may be the fact that awning’s position, where it attaches to the coach via the awning rail, has moved. Ideally, during installation, the awning has to be fitted perfectly with both arms being positioned in parallel and the awning fabric is made to stretch between these arms. You need to ensure that this is evenly spread out as the slightest variation could cause the awning to retract unevenly.

Solution: Realign the arms and make sure they stay in their position. If it needs replacing, then get that done at the earliest.

Cause #2

You also need to check the awning chord that is placed along with the screws on the awning rail. This should not shift and you need to keep it intact in its position. If you are experience retraction issues, then it is possible that the screw has come loose or it could also be a possibility that the screws were never installed at all.

Solution: Check the screws and make sure the chord is positioned correctly.

Cause #3

Check the awning arms and their movement. These arms should be perfectly parallel to each other and they should perpendicularly to the caravan. Their movement should be unrestricted and there should be perfect alignment of all the components. Failure to keep these things in check will result in the rollout awning from being retracted incorrectly.

Solution: For hindered movement, you could use lubrication for reducing friction during movement. In case there is some structural defect that is causing obstructed motion or is causing the arms to be non-parallel, then you need to get it repaired or replaced (in the worst case scenario).

Cause #4

The third possibility for retraction problems could be that the fabric of the caravan awnings has stretched either due to manual forces or due to the weight of accumulated water on it. The stretching of the fabric causes the retraction to be uneven as the length of the fabric is distorted.

Solution: The only option now is to replace the fabric completely.

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