CGear Floor

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CGear floor Multimat was initially invented as a deployable helimat, meant to prevent the dust, dirt and debris from being thrown up by helicopter rotors at the time of landing. The MultiMat did so well at eliminating the problem of dirt being thrown up at helicopter landings that it became an instant hit for the camping sites as well.

It is designed in a unique way such that the sand, dust and dirt may fall through the mat straight on to the ground but it just cannot bounce back up through the mat. The product has been designed to specially suit the Australian conditions by an Australian.

The CGear MultiMat is a perfect solution for outdoor camping and living areas where you can enjoy a zone free of any dirt, dust, debris and sand. The MultiMat serves a variety of functions; it can work like a shade mat (Providing 90%+UV Protection) as well as a windbreak break mat for screening. It has been manufactured using multi-layered knitted technology, which is internationally patented. The cutting-edge technology of this product allows the sand and dirt to simply fall through the mat which returns to the ground to never get bounced back up through the mat. Extremely lightweight and easy to install and pack, CGear MultiMat is made with reinforced edges and it makes use of brass eyelets. Thus it is sturdy enough not to tear or fray even on cutting it, thanks to its use of the rip stop technology.