Camper Room Awning

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About Our Camper Room Awnings

Setting out to explore nature and its different shades is what you primarily want out of your camping holidays. But wait, is that really all that you want? Beyond a rosy picture of delving deep into the nature’s beauty it can mean getting drenched in the rain, burnt in the scorching sun among other adversities. Understanding your needs for safety from these, we avail you with a wide range of camper room awnings that fit the bill for every situation you may have to face when out in the wild. While some options keep you shaded, the others precisely add an extra room to your awning.

These light weight camper room awnings are perfect to be used with your already installed awnings and these also provide you with a number of different options for privacy. Extremely easy to install, these do not require any additional tools for you to attach these with your awning. On installing some of these, you get an extra covered area to keep you protected from all the harmful elements nature sends your way. The fabric used for these is heavy duty vinyl and all the camper room awnings come in a wide range of sizes, all very easy to use and install.