Dometic Awnings

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About Our Dometic Awnings

Extremely easy to install, Dometic Awnings are ready to use instantly so you can do away with the inconvenient support struts by opting for these, which implies you can use all the space in front of your motorhome. So, say no to the tedious set up of the regular camping awnings, with the use of a Dometic Premium Awning. It is so comfortable that you would want to unwind it even during short stays.

Dometic awnings are synonymous to shade and comfort in the world of awnings. With their decades of experience in innovating and developing awning products, Dometic Awnings have established themselves as the premiere brand in RV awnings. With a complete range of patio, door and window awnings, they know to provide you the exact level of outdoor comfort and safety you’re looking for at each price point. With the extra-ordinary screen rooms, slidetoppers and the high quality hardware, you get to enjoy a complete range of customer-oriented products.

Australia Wide Annexes avails three different variants of Dometic Awnings for you to choose from, which are Dometic 8300, 8500 and 9000 awnings. You can make your choice based or various parameters including the price, features and comfort level.