Pop Top

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Want to explore Australia? We would suggest you to take time out and find what all this beautiful country has to offer. Buying your own caravan is indeed, a convenient option while exploring Australia. Australia Wide Annexes avails you with a wide variety of awnings and annexes in different sizes, colours and designs to perfectly suit to your pop top vehicle, be it of any model.

It is usually advisable to measure the dimensions of your pop top to ensure that you order the right size. A typical ‘pop-top’ caravan, with its fold-down roof section, is an amazingly innovative style of small to medium sized caravan vehicles. These are popular in Australia and preferred owing to their ease of storing under a carport or even in your garage when out of use, whereas many other vehicles may need specially constructed high roofline carports. It is conveniently towable by the family cars too. The low profile of the pop-top campers allows for the advantage of lowered resistance to wind and a better fuel efficiency while towing. The pop top awning is fabricated using a tear resistant material which is water proof and leak proof, making the pop top awning sturdy enough to put up well against any natural elements.