Roll Out Awning Porch

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Our Rollout Awning Porch will give you a personal space and shade wherever and whenever you need it. The rollout awning porch slides into an anti-flap kit for a perfect fit. The porch extends outwards with 2 aluminium tent poles. For making it convenient to walk in and out of the porch, a spreader bar is used instead of using a central pole. [The Anti-Flap Kit is not included in the pack.]

What porch size should I select for my awning?

There is not standard porch size which can be used for all RVs and caravans. There are different projections for every porch size. To assist you in selecting the perfect rollout awning porch size, we have come up with the following size guide.

  • Small suits Carefree awnings on pop-top caravans (2140 measurement taken on angle)
  • Medium suits Domestic awnings (2270 measurement taken on angle)
  • Large suits Carefree and Aussie Traveller awnings on full vans (2340 measurement taken on angle)
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Additional Information


Short 2140mm, Mediam 2270mm, Large 2340mm

Caravan Awning Porch

Please see instructional videos below of caravan awning porch


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