Why Cover Your RV?

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Providing shade to your vehicles is a part of maintenance. Maintenance is not only required for running a vehicle but also important when it is stationary, to save it from the elements. Elements like sunlight, sleet, rains tend to degrade the exterior of your vehicles over time.

RV Cover

You might have a garage to give a shade to your car but you might not have one to park your RV in. Having separate garages (or a garage so big that can accommodate both the vehicles) could be parked is not possible for everyone and that is where ‘covers’ come into the picture. You need to cover your RV for the following reasons:

Save from UV Rays

Just like the UV rays in the sunlight damage our skin, they also damage the surface of the RV. Prolonged exposure to sunlight, fades the color of the RV and can also cause peeling. Just by covering your RV with anything would not save it from the UV rays. The special covers are made of fabric which doesn’t allow the UR rays to pass through. Also, it prevents from heating up of the interiors of the RV. The temperature could touch 62-degrees Celsius if not covered and could damage the interior in the long run.

Controls Moisture

RV covers have a dual function; while they save the RV from the UR rays in summers, they help in controlling moisture in winters. Condensation under the cover is a major problem in winters and can cause mildew and mold. It is very important to have a cover which is breathable and lets the moisture escape through the tiny pores, thus preventing any such undesirable fungi growth.

Accumulation of Dust and Dirt

Gathering of dust and dirt is a common thing. A cover helps in preventing the formation of a dusty layer or black streaks on the RV.

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